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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Car Frustration

This weekend my wife and I went car shopping. With the addition to our family soon coming we decided we should have at least one vehicle with 4 doors to make life a little easier. We did quite a bit of research online (I am a researcher by nature, you should see the decision matrices I build in excel for purchases). We narrowed it down to a 2011 VW Jetta or a 2011 Ford Fusion. Both cars had their pluses and minuses but we decided driving them would be the deciding factor.

We started with the VW dealership. Drove the car, listened to the speech, and then went to Ford. Here, I got frustrated, taught the salesman a lesson in mathematics and left to go back to Volkswagen. Here, I got the exact price I wanted and drove home in a new car. There, 4-door problem solved, I can check that off the list.

Well, almost. We made it about 2 miles down the road before I heard this disgusting vibrating/rattling noise coming from the driver door. At first I tried to ignore it, but as we kept driving, the door kept rattling. At that time the dealership was closed and it was a Saturday night, meaning no one could help until Monday. I left the Lead Sales Manager a long voicemail about my dissatisfaction and left it at that. I figured it was a loose clip, or something not snapped together properly; no big deal.

Monday, my wife took the car in the have it repaired. They acknowledged the noise, and vowed to fix it. 2 hours later they said they were done. My wife got in the car and drove away. No more than 500 yards down the road and boom, there it was again. This time, I took the car back. 2 more hours and they claimed they fixed it again. This time I took the mechanic for a ride, and sure enough, rattle rattle rattle. At this point I am getting pretty frustrated. I mean, brand new car, owned it for 2 days, driven it 30 miles max, and it is already broken. This time the mechanic disappeared to go talk to his boss. Their solution, order an entire new door panel (3-5 days Lead time) and install that. This, they hope, will replace whatever is making the noise. Grrr, so frustrating.

I did my best to contain my frustration throughout the whole process. The dealership was very accommodating and claimed they would fix it. As you read this, does it bring to mind any stories of vehicle woes you have had? Anyone else ever had to have their new vehicle back in the shop the day after purchasing? Please let me know I am not the only one…P@


Anonymous said...


One time I bought a used Isuzu Rodeo, within a week it said it needed an oxygen sensor. When I took it back they argued with me about fixing it. Then, to make matters worse, they said I needed new tires (on the car I just bought from them).

So, a long story short, the local folks thought they were being funny with the tire comment. But I ended up getting an apology from the corporate office, 4 new tires, a fixed oxygen sensor and an EGR valve all fixed for free.

It is unfortunate how much money must go into a depreciating purchase, however, it adds to the total frustration when you feel gamed by the dealer.

I hope things work out for you guys!!

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